So today I need to talk about doors. What a strange topic to put on the coffee table? Right?? Wrong!

You see we have just very recently moved the door to our office. Whereupon once it was very hidden and obscure, it is now very much here and now! We are so much more accessible, our new door holds a world of possibilities for one and all.

One might, say, walk through our door and find a really good deal to London or Perth or Toronto; or one might find the holiday of their dreams;  going to Sri Lanka, or Cuba or Iceland or Mauritius.

Ever thought you could afford sailing on the Queen Mary?? We have just the deal for you, but you need to open our door!

I promise this door is ever changing, yet constant. I promise it will always open up to something much better, it will always lead to an adventure, it will always be easy on the pocket!

So come on, knock on our door, I dare you!!

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