I know I haven’t blogged in a while and for that I apologise
profusely. These past 7 months have just flown by and we have been really busy.
But still it’s no excuse. I hope all readers are well and that your travels
have been amazing.
Casewell and Du Toit Family


Today I thought I’d share some destination specific advice.
This always comes in handy when planning a trip 🙂
My amazing boss and her family has just come back from Disney World, Orlando
and as
it’s a once in a lifetime trip, these tips will definitely help make rather
important decisions:
 “How to avoid the long
queues for the most popular rides in Disney World
Your Park Hopper Entrance Ticket allows to you book 3 fast passes
per day.  Queuing time of 2 hours can be reduced to 5-10 minutes. And
believe me, in the heat of July in Florida – there is nothing better. You
can book these online (advisable) by downloading the Disney App, 30 days in
advance if you are staying in your own accommodation outside of the
Disney Parks, or 60 days in advance if you are staying on-site in a Disney hotel.
If you try to book it on the day you’ll generally find all fast passes already
all booked up for the most popular rides.
Remember that the 3 rides per day have to be used : one in the
morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. You have a flexi-time of
1 hour around the time that you booked your ride, to use it.
Your Disney App will also give you accurate waiting times for all
rides so you don’t have to race around the parks to check the length of the
queues (or “lines” as the Americans say)
A great tip to avoid long “lines” on your favourite
rides if you have already used your fast passes, is to join the “Singles
Line”. Disney hates to split families and groups up. So they will ask you
how many in your group. If you are 3 and the rides “car” takes 4 –
they add a “single” to your group. So if you don’t mind perhaps
riding with a stranger, you can spend 5 minutes in a queues as opposed to say,
75 minutes by simply joining using the “Single Rider” line. We used
it often and half the time ended up being put with each other anyway, as they
grab 2, not 1 from the single queue to join the ride. Bonus!
How to save money once in the park :
With our weak rand the cost of food and drinks (and everything
else) feels really depressing at times. A small bottle of bottled water is
$2.95. That’s R45. And in the Florida summer, each of us were easily drinking 6
or more bottles a day. So for a family of 4, that was R1000 per day just on
water! If you are staying outside the theme parks, stock up on cheap bottled
water from one of the many supermarkets around – at a fraction of the cost. But
if like us, you are staying in a Disney hotel, you can’t get to go to a
supermarket.  Disney offers free water, in water-fountains dotted all over
the parks. But the complaint is, the water is highly chlorinated, so it doesn’t
taste great. Good tip. Get a refillable cup or water bottle; fill it with
free ice provided by your hotel in the morning, and then when you add the free
fountain-water throughout the day, it disguises the taste of the chlorinated
water. Perfect. It saved us more than  R7000’s worth of water for the
week !
Good to know advice :
Take a light jersey – especially in the heat of a Florida summer.
Disney restaurants love to turn their aircon up so high in summer that one
literally has to put on your jersey to go indoors. After 15 minutes the cold
really gets to one and those who did not take a light sweater ended up having
to buy one. Don’t let the fact that it is summer fool you !
Watch the weather :
There are 2 great Water Parks in Disney World. Typhoon Lagoon
and Blizzard Beach. But choose to go to the Water Parks on the days that
no rain is forecast. It rains often in the afternoons in Florida summers.
The rains come in the form of thunderstorms and if there is any lightening, the
Water Parks are closed for safety reasons. So best to try to plan your days
around the weather.”
Meet your favourite Star Wars Character
Thank you Maggie for this invaluable advice. And thank you for
always being willing to share your personal trips with us. I would love to hear
from our readers too, so if you have any destination specific / product related
advice, please email me at prospur2@galileosa.co.za using
Blog Info as your subject line and I’ll be happy to share your thoughts with
the public. Please include pictures as well.


That’s it from me today, thank you for reading and….
Happy travels


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