It’s December!!!! The best month of the year, with happy people and festivities all around. It’s a special time for businesses too, the time when year end functions are being planned and enjoyed all round.
This year Prospur Travel pulled out all the stops and planned an Amazing Race for all staff members and their families. We were divided into 4 teams, each having to name themselves as well as dress up for the day.
Here’s a quick look at all the teams participating:
Team Amakrokokroko
Sharry participated with hubby and son
Team Khoi Mafia
Jill, with her husband Gino, aka Galacia Geduldt, with their daughter Mikha
Team Swart Gevaar
Phinda, with Jill’s daughter Jodie
Team Zunaami
This is me with my cousin Zahrah and daughter Jinaan

Here’s an idea of our race: 

  • we had to stop at Kirstenbosch to buy a “Sylvia” Protea flower – at a bargain price. The team that pays the best price wins a prize
  • we then drove on to Hout Bay and ended up at fruit sellers. We had to get a melon for the best price, again lowest price paid wins a prize
  • next stop was off Dorman Way, we had to look out for a Pets Plus Vet Store. Here one of us had to stand outside the store and howl like an angry dog! This had to be filmed. The team with the most upset dog wins!
  • then we had to drive to an OK Mini Mart near Chapman’s Peak. We had to use R2 coins given to us to try and win toys out of those claw machines. The team with the most toys would win
  • we then had to take Chapman’s Peak Drive and pay at the toll booth, again with money provided. But whilst playing the driver had to sing happy birthday Maggie!!! This was also filmed and the best encounter would win
  • next we had to stop at any of the look out points. One of the team had to balance the melon on their head! This had to be filmed as well, the team that could walk the longest would win
  • we proceeded on towards Fish Hoek. We had to find a specific KFC and buy ice cream. We also had to tell the person at KFC a joke, the best laugh would win
  • from here we travelled towards Noordhoek and on to Scarborough. Our mission was to find baboons and take pictures of them
  • then we had to find the Village Hub in Scarborough and buy a takeaway “freshly baked friand” we had to answer some questions regarding the Hub as well
  • we also had to take a photo of the Camel Rock as well as rename it
  • next we had to fiind a house in Scarborough and take a picture of the name of the house
  • then also to make up a limerick using the name of the house – the best limerick would win
  • we proceeded on to Glencairn in search of a Kwikspar. Here we had to find a friendly stranger and obtain an autograph. This was our last stop, from here we had to race back to final destination
I cannot begin to tell you how much fun we had. The race on average took about 3 hours to complete. And the best part is that we all walked away winners!!!
And talking of winners, here’s how it ended:
Team Khoi Mafia took first place, followed by Zunaami, Amakrokokroko and Swart Gevaar.
The following teams also took the following prizes:
Khoi Mafia – cheapest flower, best KFC reaction and best limerick
Zunaami – best dressed, best rename of camel rock and best happy birthday rendition
Amakrokokroko – best angry dog
Swart Gevaar – best “melon on head” walk
The race ended at Maggie’s where we had a scrumptious braai (barbeque) and spent a beautiful afternoon in the best company (no pun intended).
I feel like this was the best end to the best year. Everyday of 2015 has felt like a race, each day bringing a challenge, each month spent navigating clients around the world. I know I speak for my colleagues when I say that Prospur Travel is the best place to be, we have been blessed with an incredible boss. Maggie leads our team by example and her stellar attitude guarantees a successful business. So a truly heartfelt thanks to her, she makes our office a home away from home.
Try and beat our day, go on…..!!!!
Happy travels
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