It’s time to talk about something serious for a change. It’s
time to talk about insurance.
 This is a somewhat morbid task, I mean, who really wants to
seriously think about things that can not only go wrong on a holiday overseas,
but even the very next minute. But that is life hey, we just don’t know what’s
around the next corner. We just don’t know the secrets our bodies keep. So the
easiest thing we often do is bury our heads in the sand and pretend it won’t
happen to us.
Travelling is oftentimes a major investment. And a setback
before or during your trip can cost a pretty penny. Today I ask you to strongly
consider purchasing travel insurance whenever you purchase an international
holiday. This is undoubtedly the best “throw away” money you’ll ever spend and
could save you millions in the long run.
Today I want to share just one type of thing that can go
wrong on a holiday and give you actual case file figures relevant to that, in
order to see just how much claims could potentially amount to.
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) animal
bites are a significant cause of illness and death worldwide. Numerous animal
species have the potential to harm humans, such as snakes, monkeys, spiders,
wild animals, to mention but a few. See this list of claims put in at TIC
recently for animal bites / attacks:
Location: Mauritius
Total Claim Amount: R 30 000
A 24 year old man was admitted to the ICU ward of
a Mauritian Hospital after being stung by a stonefish
Location: Cambodia
Total Claim Amount: R 10 000
A 33 year old woman was bitten by a monkey in
Cambodia and treated for her injury
Location: The Congo
Total Claim Amount: R 160 000
A 46 year old man was bitten by a snake in the
Congo and died. His mortal remains were repatriated to South Africa
Location: Namibia
Total Claim Amount: R 150 000
Approximately 300km from Windhoek a 25 year old
man was attacked by a leopard whilst he was viewing game. The patient was moved
to Windhoek and was then transported by air ambulance to Johannesburg
Location: Botswana
Total Claim Amount: R100 000
A 12 year old boy was attacked by a hyena. Access
by air ambulance was not possible at night and the boy had to be moved by road
to a medical centre for stabilisation. At first light the following day the boy
was flown by air ambulance to Johannesburg. He sustained severe injuries to his
Location: Tanzania
Total Claim Amount: R 55 000
A 33 year old woman was trampled by an elephant
while on holiday in Tanzania. She was hospitalised and treated for her
Location: Zambia
Total Claim Amount: R 10 000
A 32 year old woman was kicked in the left leg by
a zebra while on holiday and was treated as an out-patient for her injuries
Location: Mauritius
Total Claim Amount: R 10 000
A 17 year old boy was bitten by a spider and was
taken to a local hospital to be treated for the bite
As you can see from the above, a small premium was
a small price to pay for these families, who would have had much more than just
the injuries to contend with.
And on another note, we’ve just had a situation
where a costly visa was denied…had this client had insurance, they would have
been able to claim back on money spent and perhaps recover
amendment/cancellation fees.
As the saying goes, if you can’t afford insurance,
you can’t afford to travel.
Happy travels
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